finished baudelaires

I finished my baudelaires. I love them madly so far. I haven't actually worn them in shoes, but if tomorrow is like today, I will. They feel really good on.

The only downside to this experience is that the combination of the the short yardage of the Panda Cotton (170 yards) and my large feet (size 10 with a high instep) means that I don't get very much leg on the socks. It's not a big deal, it just means I'll probably stick to toe-up with Panda Cotton to make sure I have enough.

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baudelaire and new yarn

I have turned the heel, done the cable increase (which I found challenging on both socks) and am now in the home stretch with my second Baudelaire. Just knitting up the leg! This time I know exactly how many repeats to do before the ribbing too, which will make finishing easier and faster.

I went to Purlescence today because I had ordered some Crystal Palace Bamboozle from them and it arrived. All but the black, actually. I'm making a flame hat for Niels. I found a flames chart pattern online and I'm going to start with that around the bottom and then do the top in black, once I get it. I think I want to do a tubular cast-on to have a nice neat edge. I just need to find a pattern with a smooth crown. The last hat I knit for Niels was from the Handy Book of Patterns and it had a bunchy top. I'm thinking of basing mine on the Halfdome hat from Knitty.

bamboozlepanda cotton

I also picked up two more balls of Panda Cotton in "Painted Iris" that I want to use for Janice's Early Spring sock. I hope this yarn wears well. It feels better than Fixation already but Fixation is at least nice and hardy. Speaking of Fixation, one of my Fixation socks has gone missing. I would say that they dryer ate it, but I don't put them in the dryer. 

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first baudelaire complete

I finished my first Baudelaire sock last night. I only had to knit the top three times. The first time I thought I had too much yarn left and so I ripped back to do one more pattern repeat. I foolishly decided that I had enough for two more repeats. Eight rows into the 11 row ribbed cuff I realized that I didn't. So I ripped out the ribbing and the last pattern repeat, redid the ribbing, did a sewn cast-off and was left with fewer than two yards of yarn! I feel like a knitting daredevil, making it by the skin of my teeth!

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Here are a couple pictures of my first mosaic sock complete with afterthought heel. It's not great, honestly, but it will do. This project is dragging on way too long for a simple pair of socks. My dad raves about how much he loves the design whenever he sees them, though, so I think they will be worth it in the end. Also, he tried on the one completed one and said that it felt really good. It looks sort of Dr. Seuss-ish on my foot because my dad's foot is longer.

on the footmosaic sock with afterthought heel

I've made quite a bit of progress on Baudelaire also. I think it's turning out really well. This is in the Panda Cotton which is bamboo/cotton/elastic. It feels so good on my feet! It's not very warm, like Fixation tends to be but is nicely stretchy. Other than being splitty, I think it is my new favorite sock yarn. Once this pair is done I might have to go back to Purlescence and get some more!

beginning of baudelairebeginning of the leg started

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