NaBloPoMo round up

I missed four days this time around. Also, I talked a lot about not having anything to say. Sorry about that.

In knitting news, I’m up to round 58 out of 67 of the chart from hell. It’s 67 rounds of non-repeating colorwork with 110 sts per round. That is ridiculous. I am not sure why I even decided it was a good plan. Actually, I know why, the cowl is gorgeous when it’s done! I hope mine will be.

In Textiles news, my mom finished putting together both quilt tops and backs (thanks, Mom!) and the kids and I put the back, batting, and top together and they have worked on quilting both. They are, as usual, big into the beads for embellishment. They have one more week to work on them and then the quilts come home for me to pretend I’m going to bind them until a couple of weeks before the Arts Focus show. At least I know myself, right?

We got our Christmas tree today and then went off to the JCC for a latke cook-off. Gotta love a multi-cultural family, right? We didn’t stick around to see who won but in my mind there was one clear winner. Although, it’s hard to make a bad latke, I think. There are just less good ones.

See you next November! (Or before, I really do hope to keep up with regular posting but I know myself, as stated previously, and I’m not good at that.)

NaBloPoMo Day 15: halfway!

I missed a day again. Sorry about that. I went clothes shopping at the mall near my parents’ house yesterday. I rarely shop for clothes from places other than the internet anymore so this is a significant event. I also came home with a pair of jeans that I think I love. They are Levi’s 512 bootcut or something. They were also on sale. Getting them, though, almost broke me. I went to TJ Maxx and then Ross before going to the mall and heading to Macy’s. The last time I went into Macy’s looking for Levi’s, it was in Sunnyvale and that Macy’s doesn’t have Levi’s in my size. I was glad the Macy’s near my mom did.

The reason I was able to shop yesterday was that my children were off from school for a staff development day and we went up to hang out with my parents. The two weeks with extra long weekends always make November feel very short, school-wise. This week is our last week before the one week break in Arts Focus. That means that I will have to collect the quilt squares from the children in the class this Thursday so I can put them together and they can quilt it for the last two weeks of the class. November is already half over. Time is flying by!

NaBloPoMo Day 2: fabric and chickens

Here is a photo of what I did for part of yesterday.

quilt fabrics

I was going to post it yesterday but I decided to hoard it until today so I could have a post for today. The fabrics pictured are what the kids in my Textiles class will be using this time to make two quilts. They’re all flannels because flannels were $2.99 a yard at JoAnn when I went to get supplies for the class. I think both combos (owls with diamonds, skulls with keys) are super super cute and am looking forward to how the squares turn out. Not pictured: the fleece I still have not cut out for pillows. Crud.

As it turns out, I didn’t need to save yesterday’s picture because today I went on a field trip with my younger son’s class to a local educational farm. It was pretty fun.

what are you looking at?

While I was trying to get the chicken through the doorway in a photograph, the one perched above it peeked down at me and I thought that made a nice photo instead. Chickens are entertaining.

I am hoping to post at least one photo every day. That way if I run out of stuff to say I, as I may have done last year, I can just show you pictures! We’ll see how that goes.

reporting back and itching

The felt heart/valentine project went well. The kids seemed to like it and I realized afterwards that it taught them a useful skill: how to sew on a button! Go figure.

In knitting news, I am starting to think that I am allergic to something in Berroco Remix. I’m not sure what or even how that is possible but I made myself a cowl with it and I’ve been knitting my Aidez fairly faithfully and my neck and chest are super itchy. It seems unlikely to me since there is no animal fiber or any fiber that I haven’t used before but I can’t deny how itchy I am. Last time I ignored being this itchy I ended up needing steroids and regular nebulizer treatments to be able to breathe. Not good.

I’m going to take a little break from Aidez, I guess. Maybe I can finish my slinky ribs in time for Stitches instead.

what I did for four hours today

I cut out these….

what I did today

The end result is supposed to look approximately like this…

the sample project

I’m not sure it actually took me four hours. I started around 10 and ended around 2 when it was time to run to JoAnn before going to school to set up for Arts Focus. It felt like more time than necessary cutting out pieces of felt. I hope the kids enjoy making their “fabric valentines” since that’s what I’ve decided to tell them they are.

NaBloPoMo Day 26: quilt tops

With some help from my mom (and the contribution of the sashing fabric) I got the quilt tops all sewn for the kids in Textiles to start quilting.

school quilts

The fabric for the squares came from FabMo, which is a great organization but these fabrics are not great for kids to quilt. They are thicker than the usual cottons. I will have to make sure that the needles they’re using are very sharp. Next session we go back to buying quilting cottons, it’s just easier.

NaBloPoMo Day 5: no knitting, no pictures, just words

Last night before BobaKnit I met up with some of the knitters at a mexican place we frequent for margaritas. Well, they ate dinner too, I just enjoyed the margaritas. A little too much. In the middle of this one of my classmates from my younger son’s preschool class texted and asked me to sub for her work day today because her daughter was feverish. I told her I could if no one else could. In the morning I realized that the morning after you have a bit too much tequila is not a good time to spend with 22 4-year-olds.

Twenty-two 4-year-olds who, by the way, were acting like they were the ones feeling off today! There was much crying and drama. At one point there was a tussle over the tire swing that left I think five children crying. One had her hand stepped on, one was the stepper and felt bad that he did it, two had been asked to get off and one got conked in the head when the finger-stepper climbed on. Oy. My own child was not immune to today’s drama, lest you think I am pointing fingers while assuming my own child was a perfect angel. Not in the least.

On the positive side: watching my son and one of his little friends do a five foot long animal puzzle. So much joy as each animal was created! Also, we hung out afterwards and he had some more playtime with some of the kids and I got to chat with the other moms, which is always a good thing!


Today has left me totally drained. Usually I’m in the classroom on Tuesdays and afterwards I come home and nap while my son plays or watches Dinosaur Train. Being in the classroom really wears me out. I think it was amplified today by yesterday being an Arts Focus day which has me in the classroom at Niels’ school for four hours and not just being there but leading the class. The tequila didn’t help either, of course.

I did bike with Stefan to preschool today, which actually helped clear my head, so I feel virtuous. I am trying to muster up the motivation to work on a class, or even just to knit and I can’t find it. I might crash early and try to work on my class tomorrow. I have homework due Sunday evening!

Oh, and I have a sweater to knit for my niece. I better get motivated soon!

NaBloPoMo Day 3: Yarn Toys

Like last November this month is occupied with prep for Arts Focus. Arts Focus is the very cool program at my older son’s school where the kids take an art class on a specific medium and work in that medium for six weeks. I lead the Textiles class (surprise surprise). Last November we were doing something a bit different where the kids went around and spent a couple of hours in each class to get a taste of every one so I spent a lot of time talking about warping looms. I learned something during that time as well: I hate warping looms and am not that interested in learning enough weaving to teach the kids. Always good to know your limits, eh?

This year we’re back to a standard class format except that we’ve changed the curriculum a bit. All of the projects that are focused on the creation of textiles (weaving, finger knitting, felting, dyeing) have been taken out because eventually they need to become their own class. My class is Exploration of Textiles, using fabric, etc. This week we’re doing a project that I haven’t done before. It’s supposed to be a tassel hedgehog but I could not get the tassel to look right. I was working on it at BobaKnit on Sunday and Elisabeth remembered seeing a similar project online and sent me the link. I tried it and came up with this.

pompom ... lion?

Which both Niels and Erik said looks more like a lion. I can see that. Is this view better?

no, hedgehog!

I think I need to wrap the yarn more and use a different color. I’m debating whether I should make another one to show the kids or if the lesson is not necessarily on a hedgehog, per se, but generally how to make animals from pom poms.

I also made a tassel doll.

tassel doll

I think she’s pretty cool but sewing the hair down might be too much for the kids.

tassel doll

In a couple more weeks they’ll make pipecleaner dolls but this one could be fun too. I didn’t cut out felt pieces for her face or braid her arms. So there are lots of options here.

I need to run to the store and buy fabric glue for glueing the hedghog/lion faces on and the face on the doll, if desired. I might have to practice some more tonight before going into the classroom tomorrow!

not knitting

I haven’t knit for… I don’t even know how many days it’s been since I knit! For the record, I haven’t crocheted either. What have I done? Woken up children for school, ferried them from place to place, worked on classroom organizational jobs, “studied” for a quiz on the preschool handbook, filled out forms, written checks, made lunches, washed lunchboxes in preparation for making more lunches, gotten a painful and energy draining shot so I won’t be part of the Pertussis outbreak going on… etc.

Being a mom is so glamorous.


Today I dropped my older son at school and my younger son with his carpool at the same place and biked home. Now I have a couple of hours to myself. I’ve worked on some of the curriculum I’m writing for the Textiles class at my older son’s school and I’ve had a cup of coffee and I am going to treat myself to a little bit of knitting. I might even work on the project I’m making for myself instead of the gift knitting project.

But I might not. And it will still be good.