where there’s smoke, there’s climate change

Most of my day today was spent thinking about smoke and fire. There is a large, mostly uncontained fire burning in Paradise, CA to the northeast of where I live. Because we live in a valley, if the wind is heading in our direction it funnels much of the smoke straight down towards us. As a result, I spent a lot of today looking like this.

20181109 - 1
very fashionable, no?

The mask makes my throat and lungs burn less but it doesn’t do a thing for my slightly crazy curls.

I tried to get a picture that showed the smoke clearly but it is a challenge with an iPhone.

20181109 - 2
smoky train

I think the sun made it most obvious that something was wrong with the sky. It gave the light an eerie apocalyptic glow.

20181109 - 3
angry sun

What I am saying is: all of this is terrible. It is very late in the year for a fire this bad. We had almost no rain in October this year, which is not usual. Climate change is a real problem and it is long past time for us to do something about it before we all end up looking like I do in the photo above every time we go outside.