bike spectating

Day 3 and I have already missed a day! Alas. Moving on…

I spent a good portion of today spectating my husband’s 100 mile (!!) bike ride! He took up biking a couple of years ago as a way to get to work and get some exercise in the process. Then he started going on bike rides with a local bike shop and his coworkers encouraged him to go on longer, harder rides. The result was that he signed up for a 100 mile ride to raise funds for Habitat for Humanity. A worthy cause to say the least!

I woke up bright (well, dark actually) and early at 5 to drive him to the starting point and then met him at a couple of stops along the way. The kids and I met him at the finish line to cheer his achievement and drive him home. We only have one vehicle and adding the distance to and from our house seemed like a bridge too far.

Finish line
Coming over the finish line at dusk after starting off at dawn!

So big congratulations to my husband who did a Very Hard Thing today!

Now I need to collapse into bed because I did a Slightly Less Hard Thing (getting up at 5am) and I am tired myself!