missed a day, movies, joys of homeownership

I missed yesterday, thinking I didn’t have anything to write about, but I sort of did and forgot. I went to see Bad Moms Christmas with a couple of friend’s yesterday. It felt like an excuse to see my friends, turn off my phone, and eat popcorn. All things I generally enjoy. The movie was okay. It seems like since Bridesmaids they have really ramped up the raunch factor on some of these movies starring women, just for the sake of raunch. I laughed a few times, I was glad when characters resolved their issues, and I got to eat yummy popcorn.

After the movie I went to a friend’s house to play with her puppy for a bit. She was going to be alone all day and needed a bit of a break. That was fun. She is really cute and loves playing with my dog, which I enjoy watching.

Before the movie and early this morning we had a plumber over to check some drain issues. A couple things needed replacing (which is why he had to come back today) and right now there is water dripping under my kitchen sink (I have something there to catch it) so I guess I’ll be seeing the plumber again tomorrow!

Isn’t homeownership fun?


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