seeking inspiration

I didn’t knit today! I also didn’t hike or take a cute picture of my dog. So what should I post about?

I went looking for blog prompts to see what I could write about instead but there haven’t been NaBloPoMo prompts since 2015, unless my search was holding out on me. I went back and looked at my old posts from this date and didn’t find any inspiration there. I did realize that I have been doing NaBloPoMo, with varying degrees of completion, since 2009. That year I posted a picture of a shawl I knit for a friend to wear during her chemo. She passed away a year or so after that. Her passing inspired me to knit chemo caps, scarves, and slippers for Bay Area Cancer Connections. Other friends from my knitting group and I used up her old yarn as much as we could for those donations. I have been inspired to donate to them a couple of times since then. I recently knitted some scarves for a girl scout scarf drive but I could never find where they should be sent so maybe I will take these scarves over there and knit more hats.

Okay, so I didn’t find blogging inspiration today but I think I found some donation knitting inspiration, which is even better.