so that’s why that happened

I had a day, two actually, that ended with an, “oooooh!” of comprehension. Yesterday I emailed a friend and invited her to hike later this week at a park where I never hike. I don’t hike there because I like to hike with my dog and that park doesn’t allow dogs. She figured I wanted to try something new so didn’t question my sanity when I invited her to hike at the dogless park. I didn’t even realize I had mentioned that park until she pointed out that I had.

I went to Trader Joe’s today. I had it in the back of my head that I would buy another box of Candy Cane Joe-joe’s (their Oreo-like cookie, but with mint flavoring) but they only had the gluten free. I walked past the display of the Dark Chocolate covered Candy Cane Joe-joe’s and thought I restrained myself. When I got the cashier, he asked how I was doing and I was about to comment that I kept myself from getting cookies right as he was scanning the box of cookies that I put in my cart and then promptly forgot.

Then I came home and had a migraine. The friend I am hiking with said the headache knew I would want them. I think the headache put them in my cart without me seeing. Headaches are sneaky that way.