ticks and stitching and folding, oh my

I found a tick on my dog. I did NOT take a picture of it either before or after it was removed (you’re welcome). While my husband was patiently trying to remove the tick without leaving any bits in the dog or squeezing the body and potentially leaving pathogens in him, I wondered if this was another metaphor for the election and our new president. I am not going to think that one through but I’m sure there is something there. Let’s just leave it that. The good news is that the tick is off and the dog got a bath out of the deal. He didn’t think the bath was good news but he sure liked the treat I gave him afterwards.

In crafty news, I started working on my embroidery again.

Stitching again. A little behind on the club. #cozybluestitchclub

I’m going to finish the house and then work on the leaves. I might be reading too much into everything, but I do feel the symbolism of working on an embroidery of a house, like I am turning inward. As I said, reading a lot into everything.

I also folded a paper bird for my husband.

Origami bird

He bought something called “muscle wire” which he plans to use to make the bird’s wings flap. I am intrigued to see the finished product! Hopefully that bird works, but I found a lot of different origami bird instructions online. This one was supposed to fly like a paper airplane as well but I think I did the tail slightly wrong and it didn’t glide nicely like the video I watched.

Look! I posted two days in a row!


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