so tragic

So, I missed two days. Whoops. Then today I realized that I was a month off on my accounting of the Cozy Blue Stitch Club kits. The one I have in progress currently is the August kit, not the September one. I just received November’s, so I now have three club kits waiting to be stitched, plus one kit that I had purchased in June. Double whoops? I better get to stitching!

I finally got a picture of the cowl that I finished.

1-2-3 cowl
1-2-3 Cowl

Tiny yarn on tiny needles, so it turned out tiny. My 10 year old son has adopted it, though, and it’s a good size for him, so it all worked out. I’m also doing very well with the sweater I am making for him.

Ryan Cardi in progress
Ryan Cardi in progress

Since I took this photo I have picked up the stitches for the other side and started the i-cord bind off. I’m quite pleased with this sweater, I hope my son likes it when it is done as well!


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