nothing to see here

I did a lot today but I took no pictures. These days life is “pictures or it didn’t happen” but sometimes pictures don’t happen. 

I worked in the sewing class. We have a kinder heavy class this year so there was a lot of convincing kids to keep going but some of the older kids seemed fairly into it, so that is good. This is my 10th year working in this class, my 18th session! Wow. I am either dedicated or a glutton for punishment. 

After school I took the dog out for a play date with a friend’s puppy and we hit the dog park for a little playtime as well. He was really tired out. I think this was the first time we left because he initiated leaving by heading into the gated exit area when someone opened it to leave with their dog. 

I had a little afternoon downtime and then a school board meeting. I did get to knit in the meeting, since I am just there as a member of the public, listening. I finished the attached i cord on one front of the cardigan for my son. I need to pick up stitches for the small band and then do another i cord. I am really in the home stretch with this sweater! I will need a zipper for it soon. 

That is it for today. Tomorrow is a busy day, but hopefully I will manage to take my sweater progress photo!