short hair

I forgot to post yesterday. I feel like it was a bit of a frantic day but I am kind of blanking on what I did. I know I took a kid to the dentist but other than that I am drawing a blank. As my father says, it’s hell getting old.

I am not sure I have much to post about today either. I got a somewhat drastic haircut this morning, which was very exciting. I was considering getting an undercut, kind of like Rhianna. In case you don’t know, I don’t look anything like Rhianna but whenever I search Google images for short curly haircuts of any type, there is invariably a picture of her and that is the cut that I want. I do think we have similar amount of curl in our hair a lot of the time (but I think hers might be more manufactured curl because other times her hair is much curlier than mine). The morale of the story is: I want to look like Rhianna. Really, who wouldn’t? She’s gorgeous! I didn’t get the undercut (either in the picture or anything close to it) and instead left the back and sides a bit longer. Maybe I’ll be braver later and go for that.

I would share a picture of the haircut I actually got but I took one shot to share with a friend today and but it’s not my favorite. I did post it on Facebook so that my family would know what to expect when I reappeared but I’m not ready to share it here. My younger son was at school when all of this happened, so he didn’t see it and he was a bit shocked by my hair. This evening he introduced me to someone (someone I already knew, for the record) by saying, “my mom just got a haircut, she doesn’t usually look like that.” Hopefully he’ll get used to it!

And then I’ll go out and get the even more drastic undercut. But I’ll warn him first.