mid-week break

My kids had off for Veteran’s Day today so I took my younger son to the California Academy of the Sciences in San Francisco. I really enjoy the Cal Academy and my cousin’s family has a membership so we meet up with his wife and daughter. We went through the rain forest exhibit and saw adorable tiny frogs.

Cal AcademyCal Academy

Lizards, like this one.

Cal Academy

Butterflies, lots of them!

Cal Academy

And then we exited the rain forest, into the aquarium… and the fire alarm went off. We had to exit the building and cross the street while the fire department checked it out.

Cal Academy

It turned out to just be something small in the cafeteria kitchen that must have been dealt with by the staff, because the firemen left pretty quickly. Many of the patrons left as well. I guess if you had been there for several hours and already seen most things, you wouldn’t have bothered to wait around. We hadn’t seen much yet so after the kids ran around the fountain across the street as many times as they wanted, we headed back in and it was nice and empty in there!

It turned out to be quite an exciting day. More exciting, perhaps than we needed it to be! They were setting up the snow exhibit in the middle of the museum and I made a date with Kristan for us to come back with the kids over break. I still love the Cal Academy, fire alarm or not. I would prefer it without, though, in case anyone wonders.


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