Headache and Peanuts and WIPs, oh my

I missed a day already! Well, three days, if you count the first two of the month. I am on day three of a headache. I am going to go ahead and blame that for my forgetfulness yesterday.

Moving on…

My younger son had a short day at school today so another mom suggested we take the kids to see the Peanuts movie. He was pretty excited to see it, so I said sure. Sadly, the seats are too comfortable and I fell asleep for a chunk of the movie but I did get to see Snoopy’s girlfriend, Fifi, and hear her non-voice voice. When the credits rolled I discovered that Fifi’s voice was none other than Kristin Chenoweth! She was almost the only name I recognized. I’m kind of amazed that someone would hire Kristin Chenoweth to be the voice of a dog who doesn’t talk, let alone sing! Hollywood is a crazy place.

I got a new shot my current WIP, knitting and coloring.

My current WIPs.

I guess it is not very informative, as far as the knitting goes. It is growing, thanks to four and a half hour long board meetings like I had last night! It is getting cold so I hope to finish it off soon. Time to start picking out patterns for the next project!


2 thoughts on “Headache and Peanuts and WIPs, oh my

  1. Jesska November 6, 2015 / 11:17 pm

    They hired someone to be a character’s silence???? That’s pure crazy! Maybe I should offer my services?

    Cool that you can knit and watch films despite your headache though 🙂 I end up in bed with the lights out..

    • Abigail vR November 7, 2015 / 8:02 am

      Not total silence, just nonsense voice. It is slightly less stupid than silence but only slightly. 😉

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