sadly, not surprised

I am not able to write something frivolous and silly today about crafting, or food, or board games. The news is weighing too heavily on me. I have noticed an abundance of stories coming across my computer screen about sexual assault. There’s Norman, OK, and UVA to name a couple. It has been hard to bear.

Women are people. Girls are people. Sex without consent is rape. Lack of consciousness is not consent. Women are people.

Then, of course, today there was the lack of an indictment from Ferguson, MO. I am not surprised but am deeply saddened that there will not be a criminal trial in this case.

Black lives matter. Unarmed black boys should not be dying by cops’ bullets, no matter if they were jaywalking or holding a toy gun or any number of other not-actually-threatening things black boys and men have done recently that have lead to them being shot. Black lives matter.

The world is in a sad state.

We will, perhaps, return to my regularly scheduled craft-based posting tomorrow. Assuming, of course, that I can accept the sadness of the world and move on.


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