board games rock

My older son went to the birthday party of a friend yesterday. This friend and my son play Magic: The Gathering during lunch at school so my easy present solution was a gift card to Legends. Legends has three storefronts: one for comics, one for Magic, and one for board games. So after dropping my son at the party location, I went back to the board game store front of Legends. I came home with the Cities and Knights expansion of Settler’s of Catan which we played today with a friend of mine.

I really enjoy Settler’s even though I feel like I don’t know what I am doing most of the time. As I kept saying today, I feel like I always choose my starting point badly. Maybe everyone does, or maybe I just started off unlucky today. I played a lot of Monopoly, Life, and PayDay as a kid and didn’t start playing complex board games until my mid-20s. Although, I am not sure that these European import games were really available here before then. It has only been the last couple of years that I have learned about many of the games we play right now. It also helps that at least one kid is old enough to really play most of the games. The 8-year-old still has some patience to gain before he can sit through a lot of them.

My current favorite board games are, in no particular order:

What board games do you like? Am I missing out on something great?


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