twisting LEDs and a boring sweater picture

This week is the sewn circuit project that I do with my sewing class. Part of prepping for it is turning LEDs with straight leads into ones with round leads that are sewable. I spent a bit of time doing that today.


I am always nervous that I am going to somehow ruin the LEDs when doing this part. I’m not even sure if that is possible. It probably isn’t. Up next: threading about 20 more needles with conductive thread that has been pulled through beeswax (to make it easier to sew) and prepping a few pieces for the kindergarteners, in case they don’t feel up to all of the sewing. Last year we had to make some of the kids redo parts of they sewed their circuit closed, which would short if they actually put the battery into the holder. The kinders in our class this year are surprisingly adept at sewing already so I’m not actually sure they’ll want them but I want to be ready.

In other news, this is what my sweater looks like now:

boring sweater progress

Terribly exciting, no? I am pretty happy because I reached the halfway point across the back. That means I might actually finish this piece of it and be able to pick up stitches for the other part. You know you are knitting something boring when picking up stitches is something to anticipate with excitement.


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