a lot of nothing

After yesterday’s amazing step total (over 20,000 in one day!) today I am under 4,000 steps. That is what having a desk job will do to you. Also, our canine houseguest went to stay with someone else for a couple of days. I plan to borrow her back for a walk tomorrow but that won’t help today’s steps.

Sitting at my desk job all day also doesn’t do much for my knitting productivity. I’m on the straight back portion of my side-to-side sweater yoke so a new picture is not worth posting. My skirt might finally be dry and it is going to cool off this week so I think I will wear it soon and be able to share that with you. Again, that doesn’t help me today, though.

I think part of why I don’t feel like I have much to say is that the Internet has been so full of hatred recently. I feel like everywhere I turn there are people talking about why X other group of people are the worst. Sometimes I read those things and I know that I am one of those X kinds of people and, even though I know that jerks on the Internet are just jerks, that is hard to let go.

To end on a happy note, I got my kids some Minecraft figurines from Woot and they built them places to live, including an adorbale Minecraft farm.

Minecraft farm

Awwwww! I will try to be more cheery tomorrow.


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