reading is hard

First, an update from yesterday: Nadja actually made the pendant, not her husband. I think of her work as primarily metal but she is branching out! She has an Etsy shop which she will hopefully fill with pendants for you to buy.

On to my reading issue. I realized at knit night last night that my sleeve was a bit long. They are elbow length and the pattern said to increase a certain number of times and then knit straight until the whole thing is 8″ and them start the yoke. (This is one of those patterns where the sleeves are knit side to side and then you pick up on the edges for the body.) So, I was happily knitting along, not bothering to measure the length of the piece because I hadn’t finished the increases. When I was getting close to finishing, I figured I would check on the length and it was 13″ long.

Five inches longer than the length it was supposed to be! And I wasn’t even done increasing!


i went back to the pattern to do some math and figure out where I went wrong. I was increasing every 1½ inches. It said I should increase a total of 10 times. That is clearly more than 8″. This pattern has three sizes. I am knitting the largest one. What the pattern actually says is “increase every 1½(1-½) inches”. I read the stuff in the parentheses as 1½” for the largest size. Really I should have been increasing every ½”.

I am forging on, though. This is not a very structured sweater and it is just the sleeve. I just need to remember to mess up the same way on the other side. Shouldn’t be too hard, right? Right.


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