NaBloPoMo Day 20: speaking of college

This is sort of an addendum to my Land of Confusion post about college from a couple of days ago. My sophomore year I lived in the quad at Penn. I got incredibly lucky and had something like the 4th pick of rooms for upperclassmen. I picked a nice big single room that faced the Junior Balcony. I loved that room. I also made some really good friends on my floor that year. One friend I made that year was a guy who didn’t live on our floor but was friends with the guy who lived next to me. His name was Walter Bell.


Me with Walter and my neighbor, Wayne, in 1992
(ah, youth!)

A few months ago I was listening to an interview on Fresh Air with W. Kamau Bell. I had heard about his TV show but had never seen it and was enjoying the interview when Terry Gross asked him what the W stood for and he told her it stood for Walter. Suddenly I realized that he was the Walter that I knew at Penn. The Walter who left in the middle of our sophomore year to move back to Chicago and who I was pen pals with for a while. The Walter who wrote me very funny letters that I wish I could find.

I started watching Totally Biased, his TV show, and really liked it. When the new season started I couldn’t watch full episodes but I watched all the clips on YouTube. A few days ago he announced that his show had been cancelled. I think that is a real shame. He posted a few of his favorite clips from the show on his blog. They are definitely worth watching and there are a lot more on his YouTube channel.

I really hope you find another outlet for your talent, Kamau! I will be watching for it.