NaBloPoMo Day 16: imaginary knitting and stash angst

I am struggling with my daily topics this year. I did knit today but it was more of that potholder and it’s STILL not finished! I am going to blame the two strands of yarn on a size 8 needle. That is some tight knitting. It’s necessary, I know, but not that fun to knit.

I was listening to Cast On on my walk today and she was talking about imaginary knitting. Then I listened to Stash and Burn where Nicole was interviewing Alana Dakos, who wrote a book with Hannah Fettig (stick with me here, I am going somewhere) who designed the Effortless Cardigan, which I have been meaning to knit for about a year. That go tme thinking about all of the sweater yarn in my stash and how I was determined to have a regular output of sweaters but I haven’t managed to finish one for months. I have the slinky ribs still on the needles, just waiting for sleeves.

Meanwhile, I have bought several sweater quantities of yarn. I think it might be time for a yarn fast. I probably should look closely at my stash and figure out my yarn mileage but the idea is too daunting to consider right now. I am pretty sure that my yarn accumulation has been in the positive direction. Right now my desk is cluttered with various balls of yarn, many of which have been given to me! So even when I’m not buying yarn, it’s coming in to my house. (A likely story, eh?)

Maybe 2012 will be my yarn fast year. I will have to think about the rules for my yarn fast, if any. I could just go back to my deal with Kristi, which now I’m unsure of. I think it was that I had to knit up 3 times the length of yarn I wanted to buy? I know it involved a spreadsheet and me owing her money if I broke the deal. I really just don’t need to buy, though, so maybe making too many rules is counter productive.

We’ll see. Watch this space for what I decide to do about my yarn in 2012, if anything.