NaBloPoMo Day 15: halfway!

I missed a day again. Sorry about that. I went clothes shopping at the mall near my parents’ house yesterday. I rarely shop for clothes from places other than the internet anymore so this is a significant event. I also came home with a pair of jeans that I think I love. They are Levi’s 512 bootcut or something. They were also on sale. Getting them, though, almost broke me. I went to TJ Maxx and then Ross before going to the mall and heading to Macy’s. The last time I went into Macy’s looking for Levi’s, it was in Sunnyvale and that Macy’s doesn’t have Levi’s in my size. I was glad the Macy’s near my mom did.

The reason I was able to shop yesterday was that my children were off from school for a staff development day and we went up to hang out with my parents. The two weeks with extra long weekends always make November feel very short, school-wise. This week is our last week before the one week break in Arts Focus. That means that I will have to collect the quilt squares from the children in the class this Thursday so I can put them together and they can quilt it for the last two weeks of the class. November is already half over. Time is flying by!