NaBloPoMo Day 13: farmer’s market thoughts

I love our farmer’s market.

Farmer's Market

It has many vendors and a wide variety of choice of most items. Right now we’re getting a CSA bag delivered to school so we have lots of fruit and vegetables in the house but I still like to get apples from the apple guy, and persimmons from the market. We also pretty much exclusively drink coffee from the coffee vendor; the guy who is down in Central America for part of the year helping with the harvest himself. Last week when I went to the market, the ATM was turned off so I didn’t have cash. The coffee seller and the woman who sells the piroshkys that my family likes both gave me what I usually buy from them on credit and let me pay this week. That’s the advantage of shopping from the same person every week!

The other nice thing about our market and our relatively small city is that I am pretty much guaranteed to run into someone I know. This week my younger son’s teacher was among those that I saw. It is nice to be connected to a community and the farmer’s market promotes that. I think about that when I read opinion pieces suggesting that the way to support OWS is to shop local. I don’t think it gets any more local than this.