NaBloPoMo Day 10: a long day

I taught the third of six classes for the first Arts Focus session of the year. Somehow I always end up feeling like I forgot something. Today it was to prep embroidery floss for the kids to use. It worked out, though and, like last year, they really seemed to catch on and enjoy their embroidery. It always makes me think that I should embroider something but I never do.

After school we did some fun things: bagels with friends, bought tickets to see a friend’s daughter in a youth theater production, and went to the library. On the way to bagels, though, I got stung by a wasp and that kind of put a damper on my mood for the afternoon.

I tried to get a photo today that captured the day’s mood. My first try was to get a photo of myself in too much knitwear since I wore a knitted top and a crocheted scarf (and hand-knit socks but you couldn’t see them). Next I took a photo of the cocktails I had with my knitting friends but somehow that seemed like the wrong thing to share. (Even though the drink was really yummy and aptly named: the Attitude Adjuster.)

What I am trying to say is: I have failed, yet again, to get a photo to share and I don’t have much to say about my day. Sorry. I did knit though, at knitting. I’m working on a potholder in maroon and bright orange which makes me happy. Perhaps I should have taken a photo of that, huh?