tiny scarf

When I went to visit Kristi in April she was wearing a very pretty, skinny crocheted scarf. I admired it and she told me it was a pattern called tiny scarf that she had recently finished. She even handed me the printed chart (it’s a free pattern, don’t freak out). When my shoulder was hurting and I was blaming knitting I wanted something to crochet so I picked up the pattern again and pulled out a skein of Sunshine Yarns sun silk that I bought at stitches with no particular plan.

the tiny scarf is slightly less tiny

It grew pretty quickly but I was distracted by my de-cluttering efforts. Still, just about a month later, my not-so-tiny scarf is done.

finished not-so-tiny scarf!

I even wore it home last night from knitting because it was chillier out than I thought. It was nice and warm around my neck. I look forward to wearing it in the fall and that’s another 400 yards of yarn out of my stash!


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