my poor neglected knitting blog

Here is an update on my knitting projects. I’ve been doing a bit of knitting but really the de-cluttering has taken over. So… pictures!

bunny nugget

I made this and N claimed it. The pattern is called “bunny nugget” and N named her Bluebell, which I think is insanely cute.

the tiny scarf is slightly less tiny

I was having some shoulder pain from knitting so I decided to start a crochet scarf just like Kristi made. The yarn is so soft and I love the color.

destined to be ripped out

I started Kiama, from a Berroco book, hoping for a quick, simple project. But I hate it and am going to rip it out.

just needs sleeves

Slinky Ribs needs sleeves but I’m also worried about the flippiness of the hem so I’ve been avoiding picking up the stitches for the sleeves. I could block it to try to fix the hem, but I just haven’t yet.

There you go, that’s where my knitting stands right now. Back to cleaning out the closets!