quest for infinity

I know I mentioned it at least once or twice, but I have been wanting to knit Lara Chau’s Dipped Infinity Scarf pattern. Sunshine Yarns was selling gorgeous kits at Stitches but they were all wool sock yarn. I searched at Stitches and then quite a lot online afterward without much success. Finally, I realized that the best solution was a silk or bamboo yarn from ArtFibers. Not only did some of their yarns come in at least 12 colors but they sell it by whatever yardage you like, so I could buy 130 yds of 8 colors without having to break the bank or end up with enough yarn for two or three of these. These past weekend I finally made my excusion to ArtFibers, with much success!

mmm, yarny goodness
a reference photo so I could remember the color order

If you’ve never been to ArtFibers, it’s a pretty incredible place. All their yarns are house brands and you are free to sit and swatch. So I did. For about an hour!

infinity swatch

The swatching was useful because the colors I thought would work at first, didn’t. I will not be knitting them in exactly that order and there are two colors on that swatch I’m not using, but it’s more or less the colors.

art fibers rainbow
what I took home

As you can see, the cones I took home were a lot smaller than a full cone, in case anyone freaks out from that first photo. I cast on all 252 stitches last night and am almost around the first row (I had a busy day with no knitting time, really). I am looking forward to knitting this up! I think it will be lovely. I suspect that it’ll be 90 degrees when I’m done though.


finished things!

I should be sleeping but look: I finished stuff!

finished purl ridge
The Purl Ridge Scarf! (Ravelry link)

I realize, actually, that I never talked about starting this project. I was deep in my desire to find The Perfect Yarn™ for the Dipped Infinity Scarf (which I am still determined to do) and then I saw that other people were knitting other scarves of the same type and I decided to, you know, be smart and look on Ravelry. I found Stephen West’s pattern for The Purl Ridge Scarf and I thought it fit the bill. Then I remembered this yarn, Ty-Dy Cotton which I bought in Placerville as a souvenir of my trip with the knitters to Tahoe last May. I never knew what to do with it… until now!

purl ridge in the morning
A little morning knitting.

I love it already. I wore it for a bit today but it got too warm, even though it’s just cotton. I think it will be nice when it really is cold again, so that might be November.

I also finished a baby sweater.

baby sweater
Ribbed Baby Jacket (Ravelry link)

I made it to match one that Juls made for our knitting friend who had twins last week. Juls made the girl one and I made the boy one. It looks much cuter on the bear, don’t you think?

I think the Koala needs one with shorter sleeves
The bear needs longer arms.

It’s All Seasons Cotton, of course. It’s a colorway that I actually bought from Juls a few years ago because she saw my Rogue knit from it and said she had this yarn and did I want it? Of course I did! I have two sweaters out of that exact yarn myself. I did not mean to make my friend’s baby match my sweater but I guess I did. Whoops!

I should have taken a progress picture of Aidez because there actually has been progress. I’m not convinced it will be finished at a time when it will be at all the right temperature to wear it but the cold always does come back eventually… right?

how to knit a heart back home

After getting Rachel Herron‘s yet-to-be-published book from her at Stitches, I was determined to finish it before its release date. I finished it today, on its release date, which I am going to call a victory.

I liked it just as much as her first book! The funny thing is that even though I share a name with her first book’s heroine, this one spoke to me more. I related to her.

I totally recommend this book, you should go buy it on Amazon! (Or, you know, at your local bookshop.)