what I did for four hours today

I cut out these….

what I did today

The end result is supposed to look approximately like this…

the sample project

I’m not sure it actually took me four hours. I started around 10 and ended around 2 when it was time to run to JoAnn before going to school to set up for Arts Focus. It felt like more time than necessary cutting out pieces of felt. I hope the kids enjoy making their “fabric valentines” since that’s what I’ve decided to tell them they are.


4 thoughts on “what I did for four hours today

  1. shauna February 3, 2011 / 6:39 am

    So pretty! I wish one of my kids had your class 🙂

    • abigailvr February 3, 2011 / 7:58 am

      Thanks, Shauna! I don’t know if you need them, but this could be a good activity for your girl scouts.

    • abigailvr February 4, 2011 / 1:54 pm

      Thank you for suggesting it, Jill!

  2. Jill Rakestraw February 4, 2011 / 1:36 pm

    The kids had so much fun and it was a great easy AF activity. Thanks for getting it done for them.

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