a realization and a few UFOs

I just realized that it’s only about two and a half weeks until Stitches. If I want my Aidez to be finished by then, I need to get a move on! Right now I have two sleeves knit and about 5″ of body (knitting the back and both fronts as one piece).

aidez body in progress

That’s not at a lot! At least I’m to the point where I can start waist shaping so the stitches will decrease for a bit. I am still debating whether I will add any bust shaping. We’ll see how it’s going at that point.

I’ve been distracted by a couple of other projects (aside from the finished ones I posted the other day). One is a baby doll for Stefan, by request.

baby doll in progress

So close and yet so far. I’m having a problem with the head.

head problem

I think I might have to pull back there and do actual decreases. That is an unacceptable amount of puckering to try to hide with hair.

I also decided that my mom needed a shawlette for her birthday, so I’m using the Summer Tweed leftovers that Juls gave me. (Yes, there is a theme to my yarn these days! Thanks again, Juls.

shawlette in progress

I think it’s turning out beautifully and it’s a very quick knit. I have about six more rows before I am on to the edging chart and then it’s blocking and it’s done! I started it on Friday. I feel like that’s miraculously fast.

Ah, the lure of the shiny new project. I am going to finish it and then buckle down on Aidez, I promise!


2 thoughts on “a realization and a few UFOs

  1. linda January 30, 2011 / 8:47 pm

    you are crazy productive!!! very pretty shawl, you’re mom will be happy:)

    • abigailvr January 30, 2011 / 9:22 pm

      I haven’t finished any of them yet, though. 😉

      Thanks! She has already seen it in progress and liked it, so I think she will too!

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