a couple of quick finished objects

I finished two quick project this week. First, a hat for a dear friend’s mother who has had to have brain surgery. I hope the cotton is soft enough but also warm enough for her head.

wavy lace cable cap

This is the yarn I was saying I’d like to weave with. I did finish with just one hank so I need to take that yarn with me to Stitches and look for a color of mill-dyed Sock Candy to coordinate with it. I hope Blue Moon brings their mill dyes this year, I don’t think they did last year.

I also finished a cowl for myself from that ball of Remix that Juls brought back from Tahoe for me.

finished cowl

I love it already.

hands up!

The pattern is Cowl de Printemps (Ravelry link) by my friend Jeni. It’s free from her site or from Ravelry. It’s a nice pattern. I used a thicker yarn than she called for so I adjusted the stitch count and the number of repeats down, which was simple.

I hope to make some mitts from the rest of that ball of Remix. I don’t know if have enough yarn. I weighed the ball and am estimating about 90 yards left. We’ll see if that’s enough!


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