finished woven scarf!

I am too tired to say much but I wanted to share the photos of my finished scarf from the weaving class I took.

finished scarf

The edges are, of course, not perfect but I was having a problem with the front edge of the weaving pulling at an angle but that doesn’t seem to show in the finished product.

close up of herringbone pattern

I loaned my loom to Eliza because I spent all my time weaving this week and was very behind on homework (I think I caught up tonight). That means I won’t be warping on for another project immediately but I have some ideas, particularly to see if I can get a skein of solid Sock Candy to go with the hand-dyed one I am hoping will be left when I’m done with a hat I’m knitting so I can warp with the hand-dyed and weave with the solid. The instructor had a scarf that was made sort of like that and it looked great.