NaBloPoMo Day 24: almost lost sweater, flowers, quilt squares

I thought I lost my Anhinga. Those of you who have been reading my blog long enough probably remember it as the sweater I was working on last November when I thought I could make it through NaNoSweMo, National Sweater Knitting Month. I didn’t finish it in November but did around Stitches this year and love it. I was very sad for a few days because I wasn’t sure where it had gone. I found it though, so crisis averted!

This morning I noticed that Stefan’s Narcissus which he planted at preschool is blooming.

Stefan's Narcissus

Isn’t it pretty?

This evening I did the, um, clean up work on the quilt squares from the kids in Arts Focus. I had to put together quite a few of them but the kids had at least started. Part of me feels guilty for changing their work but the rest of me can’t stand to have them sewn together backwards or what not. Ah, perfectionism.

Kid Quilt Blocks

There are enough blue squares for one quilt and the other will be a mix of the reds and greens. Given the time of year I have this odd feeling that I’m making a Hannukah quilt and a Christmas Quilt. I don’t think they’ll turn out that way at all but it amuses me that the colors ended up that way.