NaBloPoMo Day 13: in which I sew an apron

My friend Tina hosted a sewing day today. When I arrived at her house, not feeling very motivated, Tina was on the couch and Jill was knitting. It looked like we were all on the same page. Jill, however, had an adorable hand sewing project: a felt Christmas stocking decorated with sequins and embroidered presents. Tina had some placemats she was working on, but it took her a while to get going too. Before doing anything, Jill and I snuck out to Peet’s and I got a large latte (read: three shots of espresso) and that sure helped me get going!

I brought the Sew What? Skirts book that I had taken out of the library, intending to make the wrap skirt in there. I called my mom earlier in the week asking if she had any spare fabric I could buy off of her. (My mom is a quilter, she called me back and said, “Do I have two yards of fabric??” in the same tone that someone asks, “Is the Pope Catholic??”) She had some black cotton and a purple and blue flower print that feels like rayon. I was going to use the rayon one for the skirt but got sidetracked by an apron pattern that Linda brought and I ended up making that with the black.

It’s supposed to have ruffles but I left them off. That vexed Linda a bit but I just let her be vexed.

unruffled apron

The whole reason I wanted to make an apron is that I hate the way regular aprons feel around my neck. My, um, anatomy is such that the front gets pulled down and strap chokes me and I hate it, so I don’t wear them and then all of my clothes have splattered stains from cooking. This one had ingenious straps that won’t choke me!

ingenious straps

I didn’t measure it but I used about two yards of the black and I think there is at least twice that left. If my mom doesn’t want it back, I might still make a skirt from it, although I still want to try making the wrap skirt from the other. I’m not sure when that will happen though. Maybe after my classes are over. I still have a pattern for pajamas that I want to use for my boys for their Christmas Eve pajamas this year. I need to find time to go buy cute flannel when they aren’t with me. I think I’ll be able to find that time more easily than I’ll find sewing time!