NaBloPoMo Day 5: no knitting, no pictures, just words

Last night before BobaKnit I met up with some of the knitters at a mexican place we frequent for margaritas. Well, they ate dinner too, I just enjoyed the margaritas. A little too much. In the middle of this one of my classmates from my younger son’s preschool class texted and asked me to sub for her work day today because her daughter was feverish. I told her I could if no one else could. In the morning I realized that the morning after you have a bit too much tequila is not a good time to spend with 22 4-year-olds.

Twenty-two 4-year-olds who, by the way, were acting like they were the ones feeling off today! There was much crying and drama. At one point there was a tussle over the tire swing that left I think five children crying. One had her hand stepped on, one was the stepper and felt bad that he did it, two had been asked to get off and one got conked in the head when the finger-stepper climbed on. Oy. My own child was not immune to today’s drama, lest you think I am pointing fingers while assuming my own child was a perfect angel. Not in the least.

On the positive side: watching my son and one of his little friends do a five foot long animal puzzle. So much joy as each animal was created! Also, we hung out afterwards and he had some more playtime with some of the kids and I got to chat with the other moms, which is always a good thing!


Today has left me totally drained. Usually I’m in the classroom on Tuesdays and afterwards I come home and nap while my son plays or watches Dinosaur Train. Being in the classroom really wears me out. I think it was amplified today by yesterday being an Arts Focus day which has me in the classroom at Niels’ school for four hours and not just being there but leading the class. The tequila didn’t help either, of course.

I did bike with Stefan to preschool today, which actually helped clear my head, so I feel virtuous. I am trying to muster up the motivation to work on a class, or even just to knit and I can’t find it. I might crash early and try to work on my class tomorrow. I have homework due Sunday evening!

Oh, and I have a sweater to knit for my niece. I better get motivated soon!