not knitting

I haven’t knit for… I don’t even know how many days it’s been since I knit! For the record, I haven’t crocheted either. What have I done? Woken up children for school, ferried them from place to place, worked on classroom organizational jobs, “studied” for a quiz on the preschool handbook, filled out forms, written checks, made lunches, washed lunchboxes in preparation for making more lunches, gotten a painful and energy draining shot so I won’t be part of the Pertussis outbreak going on… etc.

Being a mom is so glamorous.


Today I dropped my older son at school and my younger son with his carpool at the same place and biked home. Now I have a couple of hours to myself. I’ve worked on some of the curriculum I’m writing for the Textiles class at my older son’s school and I’ve had a cup of coffee and I am going to treat myself to a little bit of knitting. I might even work on the project I’m making for myself instead of the gift knitting project.

But I might not. And it will still be good.


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