stitches west 2011

The schedule for classes at Stitches West 2011 have been posted on the Stitches Facebook page. Oh, and look, Cookie is on the cover!

I have already picked out which class I want: JC Briar’s Cast-On Cornucopia. I was regretting not taking that class at Sock Summit 09. Maybe next year she’ll teach her Bind-Off Bonzanza class too, so I can have both ends.

Registration opens 10/7 … what do you want to take?


not knitting

I haven’t knit for… I don’t even know how many days it’s been since I knit! For the record, I haven’t crocheted either. What have I done? Woken up children for school, ferried them from place to place, worked on classroom organizational jobs, “studied” for a quiz on the preschool handbook, filled out forms, written checks, made lunches, washed lunchboxes in preparation for making more lunches, gotten a painful and energy draining shot so I won’t be part of the Pertussis outbreak going on… etc.

Being a mom is so glamorous.


Today I dropped my older son at school and my younger son with his carpool at the same place and biked home. Now I have a couple of hours to myself. I’ve worked on some of the curriculum I’m writing for the Textiles class at my older son’s school and I’ve had a cup of coffee and I am going to treat myself to a little bit of knitting. I might even work on the project I’m making for myself instead of the gift knitting project.

But I might not. And it will still be good.


I went to another first birthday party today. (All the little knitter girls are turning 1!) This one was for Bella and her party invite and stuff were all monkey themed, so I decided she needed a crocheted monkey.

bella's monkey

The pattern is just called Crocheted Monkey and is from a Japanese crochet site (Ravelry link).

I couldn’t get the arms and legs stuffed in a way that didn’t make them too stiff so I added pipe cleaners to both to make them bendable and beans to the legs (since they were bigger they squished too much with just the pipe cleaners). She can kind of hang from a tree, so I think it worked pretty well!

bella's monkey

The skirt was my idea and I love how tutu-like it turned out to be.

I hope Bella loves her!