one final FO for 2009 and a roundup

At Wednesday night's Very Special BobaKnit (where we did end up talking about female issues but not on purpose!) I finished my final FO of 2009, the Linoleum Dishcloth by Kay of Mason-Dixon Knitting. Instead of using two colors for the contrast, I used a multi-colored colorway of Sugar n' Cream. I think it came out nicely. (Ravelry link to my project.)

linoleum dishclothlinoleum dishcloth

I particularly like the subtlety of the diamond pattern and it feels like it will be nicely scrubby as well. I see more of these in my future. It may replace the ball band dishcloth as my favorite. I use my dishcloths as facial washcloths, actually, so I like them to be a little on the scrubby side, but just a little.

I also made a mosaic for my finished objects from 2009. I "only" had 39 pictures this year instead of 51 like last year. I'm not sure what happened there. More sweaters? Fewer dishcloths? Probably the latter, although you'd think all my tiny crochet would have helped. Ah well, it's not a competition, right?

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