NaBloPoMo Day 9: starting gift knitting, faded socks

I'm not focusing very well on my NaNoSweMo sweater. I started a new project today, a chemo cap for my friend because no one had gotten a chance to finish one for her yet. She starts chemo tomorrow and I know her hair won't fall out instantly but I think if it were me I'd take it off before it had the chance to fall out bit by bit. I have no idea how quickly it all progresses, really, but I want her to have a hat in her possession, darnit! Anyway, I picked a pattern that calls for worsted weight yarn so it's a quick knit. If I write this post fast enough I may even get to the top decreases tonight. I thought maybe I could finish it but that's not happening.

So, now that I've figured out that I can export my photos from iPhoto in a roundabout way, my card reader won't recognize my flash card so I can't get photos off of my camera. I seem to have whatever is opposite of the Midas touch with mechanical and electronic devices these days. I took a couple of iPhone photos of my faded socks instead. I know it's not great but I think you can see what is going on in this one.

The sock on the left has faded less than the sock on the right but it is still faded and pretty dull looking. The ball of yarn between my feet is the leftover yarn that hasn't been washed. This is from one wash. In cold water and Soak. Here's the photo of them freshly knitted and not at all faded, for reference.

It seems like excessive fading to me and I'm very disappointed. The yarn, in case anyone is curious, is Blue Moon Fiber Arts hand dyed Sock Candy. They aren't making it anymore and perhaps this is why. I have another pair of socks made with this yarn that faded similarly and I have four more hanks of the yarn that I'm wondering if I should knit, six if you count my Tube Sock kit.. I need to find something to knit with this yarn that doesn't need to be washed. Ever. If you have ideas, let me know.

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