finishing and starting

In the midst of caring for a chicken poxy child (the younger) I knit up a pair of birthday gifts for my friend's Tucker and Jennifer who share a birthday which also happens to have been my grandfather's birthday. He would have 101 this year! Anyway, I knit up mitts for Tucker (Rav link) and bike ear warmers for Jennifer (Rav link). I'm thinking of kntiting a pair of those for myself. They look like they'd be good at keeping the cold breezes out.

dashingdashingbike helmet ear warmersbike helmet ear warmers

In honor of finishing two things and in spite of my Hempstream pullover still not being done I started a Pucker (Rav link). The pattern is written for a worsted weight yarn (5 sts to the inch) and I don't have any sweater quantities of worsted weight yarn that would work so I'm using DK weight yarn (5.5 sts to the inch).  I picked a larger size than I would knit for myself normally based on the change in measurements from using a thinner yarn. The size I picked calls for 1100 yards of the recommended yarn and I have 1370 of my thinner yarn. I'm feeling anxious that it's not enough. This half a ball of stockinette has resulted in about an inch of sweater.

We won't even talk about how much time that inch of sweater took either. After four inches I get to start decrasing, but not all that much. We'll see how far I get before I decide this isn't such a great plan.

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