reversible tote

I made another bag with that same fabric. This time I made a reversible tote bag with pockets.

reversible totereversible tote

I like the blue better on the outside, but the brown would be more practical and less likely to get dirty. Decisons decisions!

I also made a reversible project bag with this fabric but it didn't turn out as nicely as I'd hoped. I need to redo the casing for the drawstring on that one, I think. I have some other fabric (I know, shocking!) from Bobbin's Nest Studio to make another project bag. I may have to start giving these away or they're going to take over my house. Okay, I'm not making them that fast.

In knitting news: I'm still working on my Slipstream Pullover. I have sewn the pieces together and picked up for one side of the neckband but I'm not pleased with the way it's going to look if I do it the way the pattern suggests so I'm going to try to do the neckband a different way. Then it's the side panels, all the ends, and I'm done! Okay, I'm not really near done but I am making progress.

Sewing is so much faster.

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another bag

I sewed a little drawstring bag for one of Niels' friends for her birthday. We put her Pokemon book in it instead of wrapping it up. I altered the bag so that the ties come out both sides but I forgot that when you do that you actually need two full length ties, not just knots on each end. Oops. I have fabric cut out to make one for myself. I think it would make a cute project bag.

I also have enough of the two fabrics to make a reversible tote for myself from the same book. I realized, though, that I haven't even thought of prewashing the fabrics. I probably should have done that.

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This morning I went and helped to set up the Textiles portion of the kids' art show at City Hall. We hung two of the quilts from the banister and I think it looks really cool.

quilts at the art showquilts at the art show

The other two hung on the panels with the other various projects that we did. That worked out well, I think, because the two on the panels are the ones with more quilting on them, which would be hard to see if they were up high.

quilts at the art showquilts at the art showvarious textiles mediavarious textiles media

I love the way we hang up the dyed silk circles. It's like stained glass.

This afternoon I went over to Purlescence to get something and I must have had sewing on the brain because I came home with a sewing book.

Then I made this:

Which Stefan liked.

Then I went to JoAnn and bought some more fabric to make one for Niels' friend who is having a birthday this weekend as well as a reversible tote for myself. I guess I'm officially sewing stuff now. We'll see if it sticks this time or if I send the sewing machine back to Mom and forget about it until next fall.

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slipstreaming away

Sorry I've been so quiet. I've been busy with the arts class at Niels school. Our art show gets set up tomorrow so all of the quilts had to be finished. Mom bound the two from the first session and I bound the two from the second (after spending a lot of time a couple of weeks ago putting them together). I think they look good.

quilt 2, fall 08quilt 1, fall 08quilt 2, spring 09quilt 1, spring 09

The kids from the first session were into the piecing (we have two 12-square quilts with enough for a pillow from one of them!) and the kids from the second session were more into the quilting. I only put 9 squares in each one, and a lot of the squares weren't all put together but they quilted like crazy. It's funny to see the difference.

As far as knitting goes, I have been pretty monogamously knitting on my Slipstream. The back and both sleeves are done and pictured below. The front is up to the straight section of the waist, so I'm getting pretty close!

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