I have been thinking for a while that it would be nice to have a Clapotis that didn't have lots of bulky end fabric hanging off of it. When I saw everyone knitting up cowls this winter a Cowlotis seemed like the perfect plan. I couldn't think of what yarn to use until I fell in love with a hank of Blue Moon Fiber Arts' Luscious Silk at Purlescence on the day of the yarn swap. The results are gorgeous, thanks to the softness and incredible sheen of the yarn, but a bit floppier than I was hoping. I used less than half of the hank, so I might knit a plain stockinette cowl with the rest of this. This yarn must be next to my neck. It's just so soft. (Have I mentioned that it is soft? Actually, it might need to be ribbed so it stretches over my head without being too floppy again.

gorgeous colorsa little floppier than I had hopedstick em up!

Abigail's Cowotis

Using size 6 needles, CO 52 sts (multiple of 6 plus 4) provisionally (I used Fleegle's Provisional Cast-On)

Work section 3 of Clapotis stitch pattern, the straight rows, until length is about the circumference of your head, ending after a row 12.

Graft the stockinette sections using kitchener stitch, skipping over drop stitches. Weave in ends, enjoy the softness!

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