slow stashing

Someone on Ravelry posted a link to an article on Knitter's Review about Slow Stashing. I like the sound of that. That is sort of what my deal with Kristi has made me do. When I want to buy yarn I have to really think about how much I've knit recently and whether this yarn is worth using up my allotment of allowed purchases or, worse, pushing me over the edge. In the past almost every time I've bought sale yarn just because it was on sale, I've ended up with yarn for which I couldn't find a project, so I am not doing that. It's hard, honestly, it seems like every time I turn around someone is having a sale, but I must be strong and use the yarn I have.

In that vein, I decided to recalculate my stash number. I sort of aired out my stash a couple of days ago, going through the bins, seeing what was where. I did find a few things that weren't in Ravelry, even though I keep thinking it all is. I thought that my stash number would go up because of that but I also found some things in Ravelry that I hadn't marked as used up. I'm "down" to 54968.8, or 31.23 miles. That's down 3 miles! I would like to see it go down another 10,000 yards or about 5 miles this year. I'm not making any declarations or resolutions or anything like that, just a casual goal. You'd think that if I can finish 51 knitted objects in a year, I can use 5 miles of yarn. That's only about 200 yards of yarn per item. Finishing what's on my needles would probably be a good start.

Happy Knitting in 2009 to you all!

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