Last weekend Anabel organized and hosted a Boob-a-thon for the BobaKnitters. We were all knitting breasts to donate to local breastfeeding counselors for use in helping new moms get then hang of breastfeeding. You may recall that I knit one of these before, also.

knitted boobknitted boob

Anabel loaned me the main color for this project, so I'm not sure what yarn that is, the darker color is cotton-ease though. I'm hoping the mottled main color doesn't make people think it has a skin disease!

Just to let you know how little I've been knitting, it took me four days to finish this small project. It really only got done because I finished knitting it while we were driving to the zoo on Monday and last night I crocheted the circle for the back while watching Howl's Moving Castle. I didn't turn on the Wii. Aren't you proud?

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