Last weekend Anabel organized and hosted a Boob-a-thon for the BobaKnitters. We were all knitting breasts to donate to local breastfeeding counselors for use in helping new moms get then hang of breastfeeding. You may recall that I knit one of these before, also.

knitted boobknitted boob

Anabel loaned me the main color for this project, so I'm not sure what yarn that is, the darker color is cotton-ease though. I'm hoping the mottled main color doesn't make people think it has a skin disease!

Just to let you know how little I've been knitting, it took me four days to finish this small project. It really only got done because I finished knitting it while we were driving to the zoo on Monday and last night I crocheted the circle for the back while watching Howl's Moving Castle. I didn't turn on the Wii. Aren't you proud?

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hats and mitts and WIPs, oh my

I need to set one day as my blog posting day and just talk about whatever it is I'm doing, otherwise I think I just posted and then it's been more than two weeks since my last real post! Oops.

Anyway, after my last post I knit one more Oh, Honey hat (Ravelry details), this time out of Calmer. I got some Rowan Cashcotton to make one for Christy by request, and then I appear to be done with the hats. I seem to get addicted to patterns and just have to knit them a certain number of times to get them out of my system, more on that later.

After the hat I had some secret knitting going on. I decided to knit Cookie something for her birthday. I started with a hat (Ravelry details) but that was done too fast so I picked out a gauntlet pattern that kind of went with the hat (Ravelry details) but then I was totally powerless to stop myself from knitting a pair for me (Ravelry details).

mitts for cookiethrowing down the guantletsee how the braids are opposite?

I'm modelling Cookie's pair in the first picture of the gauntlets there, I only knit myself one pair. I find it baffling though, I tend to fall for these patterns. Granted, usually it's small, instant gratification patterns like, oh, say, bunnies, or dish cloths, hats or gauntlets. I just knit and knit and knit until I feel done. I wonder what that says about me, and if it's something good or that I'm a crazy person. I think I don't want to know.

In WIP news, I'm still working on Niels striped cabled sweater. I'm on the second sleeve, so I have to knit that, the hood and then the sewing up begins. Oh, and the ends. I'm not sure it will be done by Christmas. I'm fairly sure it will not, which is probably for the best because then I'd feel bad that I didn't make something for Stefan.

I started Rogue for my mom. It was secret there for a little while, but then I had her try it on, which was good! It was too small. Darnit. I had measured her and decided on a size but then talked myself into knitting one size down. I think I wanted to get it done faster. Ah well. I ripped it out last Thursday and cast on again. I haven't gotten very far. I have until the end of January if I want to have it done for her birthday.

Before that, I have a baby shower to attend and I want to knit an Avery sweater. Two actually, because she's having twins. Maybe I should stick with the bunnies and give her the sweaters after the babies are born since I plan to make them the right size for the fall or so, and these two are due in March. We'll see.

I have a lot on my plate! Wish me luck!

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tech editing

I don't know how many pattern writers read my blog, but I thought I would throw out there that I am trying to pick up work as a tech editor for knitting patterns. I have worked a bit with Kristi and Pamela on their recent patterns and I would love to be able to do more. If you're looking for a set of eyes to read over your pattern and make sure that your numbers add up, please think of me! You can send me an email through the link in the left column.

Thanks for reading and hopefully thinking of me for your tech editing needs!

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oh, honey hat

I whipped up a couple of Oh, Honey Hats this weekend. My first was supposed to be for me but I didn't make it tall enough before the decreases. Instead it fits the kids. Pam suggested adding a tassel for them, which I think is a cute idea.

Taking my lessons from the first one, I made another, making sure to make this one taller and using a smaller needle for the ribbing to hopefully create more stretch. It's a cute hat, but I'm still not convinced I can pull off the slouchy hat look.

top viewmy oh, honey hat

Here's a bonus photo of the scarf, as I plan to wear it. It's actually pretty warm since it's nice and thick.

I have it inside out in this photo but that would work the other way as well. I want to knit a silk one after seeing Pam's version in Tili Tomas Pure and Simple, which is a silk yarn single like Regal Silk. Maybe I won't have five hanks of that to sell after all.

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