oh, honey!

My friend Pamela has a couple of new patterns avaiable in her store. They are a scarf and hat based on the same stitch pattern. I was one of her test knitters for the scarf pattern and I think it is a really fun knit. once you get past the ruffle of the scarf you don't even need a marker, you just knit around and around and get a lovely tube-y scarf at the end.

I think that in this particular yarn (Tahki Stacy Charles Chat Print, a cotton tape yarn) it looks better inside out, the way you knit it.

I like that I can wear it either way, though. This is one of those patterns that makes me wish I could knit animal fibers because Pam's version in snuggly looking alpaca looks wonderful. I'm tempted to break out some of that regal silk I was talking about in the last post to try to make a scarf and hat set.

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2 thoughts on “oh, honey!

  1. abigailvr November 30, 2008 / 11:19 am

    Thanks!(Did you make your ID and delete it right away? It shows you as "gone.")

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