manon of the fall done, in the fall even

My Manon is done and I really like it. (Ravelry details.)

Here are a few more pictures, including one of how I did the hook and closures. Initially I sewed them directly to the knitting but then they pulled something awful when hooked so I sewed on a strip of bias tape and sewed the closures to that. I think it looks much better.

manon is done!close up of the bias tape holding on the closureslove those cables on the skirt

I enjoyed knitting the skirt of this sweater most of all. I am already looking forward to my next Norah Gaughan pattern.

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corny baby items

A friend of mine is due for a baby at the end of this month, so I decided that my "Indian Corn" colorway of Maizy would make perfect baby items. I knit up a pair of Max's Springy Ring Socks by Cat Bordhi (Ravelry details) and a Heartbreakingly Cute Pilot Cap from the Mason-Dixon Knitting Book (Ravelry details). I think they turned out very cutely. I hope they fit the new baby when he or she arrives.

corny baby hatcorny ring socks

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it’s all seasons cotton all the time around here

You saw that I got All Seasons Cotton for my birthday and I have been knitting Manon in All Seasons Cotton. Since I finished the knitting portion of Manon I cast on for another sweater for Niels in All Seasons Cotton. It's a cream and green striped cabled sweater with a hood and a kangaroo pocket. That's a lot of knitting. Good thing he's relatively small, and I love him lots. The back is coming along nicely. I think I need three more stripes before I'm ready to shape the underarms.

I've been sort of completely ignoring Manon. I sewed in the first sleeve and it stinks. I need to take it out and redo it. I think I need to practice more on my sewing in of set-in sleeves. Rogue worked nicely but so far I haven't found it that easy or fun to do. Bah.

I also tried to crochet a hat for my friend's daughter this week and it was enormous! I'm having an off week, other than Niels' sweater, which continues to be lovely, I think.

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