half a stash?

My stash number seemed a bit on the low side to me, after all it "only" came out to 11.25 miles. I remembered posting that I had 12 miles at one point and then more later. I decided to go back and see what I used to have. On January 5th of this year I had 22.5 miles of yarn. I have managed to use or destash half of it while buying more yarn? That doesn't seem possible. According to my Ravelry projects page I have finished 28 projects since January, many were small such as toys or dishcloths but there were two sweaters for me, one short-sleeved, one 3/4-length, two pairs of socks for me and one pair of kid socks among that. Maybe it's possible that I used that much yarn. Ravelry doesn't lie though, does it?

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