finished and unfinished

I finished a scarf for a friend's birthday tonight. It was crochet, so I feel like it's cheating. Crochet goes so fast! I actually crocheted it two times, once with a single strand of the yarn (Art Yarns Regal Silk) and then again doubled. It works better doubled. I don't have a great photo of it, though, because it's totally not my style and I feel silly in it. I think it will look great on my friend though. I hope she likes it. (Ravelry details)

I still have finished either Oblique or the February baby sweater. I did get some buttons, though. I also started working on my Amy Butler bag but my mom needed her sewing machine back, so I will have to wait until Friday to make any progress. This Thursday is my last Textiles class and then I'll have to hand sew the binding on the quilts. I might recruit some help for that one because they need to be done for the Arts reception on the 24th. That doesn't feel like much time for a lot of tedious hand sewing.

I've also been contemplating the general demeanor of knitters. Maybe it's knitters on the Internet, maybe it's knittiners on Ravelry or maybe it's just people in general but everyone feels somewhat hostile recently. Then again, maybe it's me? Don't worry knitters, it's not you, it's me.

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