the simple things in life

There are thousands of dollars worth of toys in this house, I think, and yet, what is Stefan playing with? The pile of yarn scraps left from me weaving in the ends of Oblique. (See, I mentioned Oblique, that's what makes this a knitting post.) First they were snakes, "dis big nake, dis baby nake," and then they were riding in a truck.

Another wonderful simple thing in life: what I am calling cheaters risotto. I cooked some rice in the rice cooker last night with extra water ot make it nice and soft and bland in case Stefan wanted to eat. He didn't, so I had all this very soft rice in the fridge. I decided to heat some up for my lunch and added a bit of salt and fontina cheese (and pepper, after I took this photo). Can you say yum? I can!

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2 thoughts on “the simple things in life

  1. margotinto February 27, 2008 / 8:27 am

    Too cute! I finished a pair of mitts yesterday, and left a couple strands on the carpet at my feet as I was weaving in the ends, and my little guy picked them up and started waving them up and down and singing "Jinga Bes! Jinga Bes!" I don't know how he made the connection between the yarn and jingle bells, but that's just an adult looking for logic where none is needed.

  2. abigailvr February 27, 2008 / 6:05 pm

    Kid logic is a magical thing! 😀

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