calorimetry and kate

I had a Knitty sort of day. I knitted up a quick Calorimetry (Ravelry project details) for myself and finished up a cute little Kate cat (Ravelry project details) for a classmate of Niels' The only trouble with finishing toys is that the kids really like them. That is good, if I am making whatever it is for them, not so good if I want to give it away. Stefan took it from my hand and gave it a HUGE hug, laying on top of the cat on the ottoman of my mother's glider. He did give it back but I see another one of these in my future.

meet katestefan latched on to kate

I am pleased with the Calorimetry too but I wish I had knit it on smaller needles. I got gauge on the 7s, so that's what I used but it's a bit on the big side. I think it would look better on with my hair down. Also, it is surprisingly warm! That will be useful on the cold mornings when I'm dropping Niels off at school.

my head matches my bathroom!my calorimetry

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