organizing le grande stash

I took all of my stash out and tried to organize it today. How very humbling. Here I thought I had done better about acquiring yarn. Well, I probably have not been acquiring yarn but I'm not using it up very quickly either! There was quite a bit off stuff in there I had totally forgotten about. Yarns that need projects! Not to mention yarns that need loving homes. I photographed what needed photographing and put it all in Ravelry. My grand total is now 39661.5 yards, or 22.5 miles of yarn. That doesn't count all the partial balls I have hanging around, nor does it count a kilo and half of the lightweight softball cotton I got from Kristi, because I don't know the yardage on that yarn and I can't find that information online anywhere. So, the estimate is a bit short.

It may still be smaller than some other people's stashes, but it sure looks like a lot of yarn when it's spread all over the living room.

The stash takes over the living roomWho knew I had so much yarn?

Erik was amazed. I was too, actually. I am going to continue my yarn diet. I would say it was a fast, but I have bought some yarn. I got two balls of Maizy to make that boy doll for Niels and three balls of Bamboozle which are in the Ravelry Stash if you're curious. I'm going to use them with the other Bamboozle I have to make myself a short-sleeved Ribbi-Pulli. I shouldn't go to the yarn store, clearly. All I wanted was a magazine! At least, if I use them I will also be using up 10 balls that were already in my stash! (Right?)

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